Additionally and as noted in the following, Italvibras manufacture many Non-Standard Motors. Should information regarding these or any other motors be required, please contact our Sales representatives on Tel: (08) 9356-5088 Fax: (08) 9356-5444 or E-Mail us at

MVSI-S90 series : Standard – see following
MVSI-E-S90 series : Potentially explosive atmospheres with increased safety Eex e
MVSI-D-S90 series : Potentially explosive dusty atmospheres DIP
MVSI-C-S90 series : Potentially explosive atmospheres Class I, Division 2
CDX series : Explosion-proof for potentially explosive atmospheres Eex x, U.L. CSA
MICRO series : Available in either 4kg or 20kg C.f. (where minimal vibration is req’d)
MVCC series : 12 & 24V DC motors for mobile applications

MTF Series : Top mounting flange & weight protecting cover fixed to side opposite flange itself.
MVB Series : Vertical electric vibrators with mounting flange & double-ended shafts
MVB/FLC Series : Vertical electric vibrators with central flanges and double-ended shafts
VB Series : Vertical electric vibrators with tapered mounting.
Flanged Series : For Potentially explosive atmospheres Eex e, DIP, Class I, Division 2

ITV-VR Series : High variable frequency
ITVAF : Fixed frequency
NB: Power supply also available to suit this range.

Power Supply

24V to 660V 3ph, 50Hz or 60Hz; 115V to 240V single-phase, 50Hz or 60Hz, the frequency of the power supply can be infinitely varied from 20 to 60Hz, with constant torque, by means of a variable frequency drive.


Standard versions with 2, 4, 6 & 8 poles. Special versions are available in 10 & 12 poles.


With the exception of the Micro series, motors are rated for continuous service (S1) at maximum centrifugal force and declared electric power rating. Motors are also suitable for particular work cycles such as frequency variation, intermittent operation, braking and different acceleration ramps.

Centrifugal Force

Ranging widely from 4kg to 22000kg (220kN), adjustable in infinite linear mode with variation of the position of the eccentric weights. All electric vibrators are equipped with an ARS system (patent No M098A000194) to prevent errors when eccentric weights are regulated.

Mechanical Protection

Corresponding to IP66-7 (CESI Certificate No 97/033411) in compliance with IEC 529-19899, CEI 70.1, EN 60529, CENELEC HD 365 and NFC 20-010 to prevent dust and fluids from penetrating and able to withstand impact.

Insulation Class

Class F (155°C) according to Standard HD 566, obtained by using special insulating materials. These are all classified according to European, American and Canadian standards which are particularly strict especially when it comes to the self-extinguishing properties. The copper wire and winding insulation is higher than Class H (180°C), with special insulation up to 200°C.


All electric vibrators are tropicalized since they are vacuum encapsulated or impregnated by the special ‘drop by drop; system.

Ambient Temperature

From –30°C to +40°C depending on the specific materials used and compliance with narrow tolerance margins during the processing phases.

Thermal Protection

Thanks to PTC 130°C thermistor type thermal detectors are installed as standard assembly from size 70 onwards and on smaller sizes on request. Thermistors with different temperature settings and anti-condensation heaters are also available for particular uses.


The electric vibrators can be fixed in all positions with no limitations.


All electric vibrators are correctly lubricated in our factory and need no further lubrication when used. The special grease retention system with differentiated labyrinths, adequately sized grease chambers and use of special synthetic grease, allows the electric vibratos to be lubricated in two different ways.

(a) The Long Life Method
Maintenance-free until the old grease is completely removed and changed after not more than 5000 hours service.

(b) Periodical re-lubrication
The parts are periodically re-lubricated by means of special grease fittings. The periodic re-lubrication method is recommended for particularly heavy duty, such as round-the-clock service and high ambient temperatures (> 40°C). Thanks to the differentiated labyrinths, the excess grease is discharged into the weight compartment. A Technical Handbook is supplied with each individual motors which contains lubrication information for each motor.

Terminal Box

Generously sized to make the electrical connections easier. To prevent damage caused by the vibrations, the terminal board and wires from the winding are blocked, having been immersed in a layer of resin. Special shaped wire clamps fix the power cable in place. IP66-7 mechanical protection is ensured by o-ring seals on the machined surfaces and by approved cord fittings.

Electric motor

Asynchronous 3-ph and 1-ph type. The lamination core consists of coated low loss magnetic laminations. As a result of experience in this particular field, the special shape and size of the magnetic circuit achieves the utmost efficiency at a low running temperature, maximum starting torque values and torque curves suited to the specific requirements of vibrating machines.

Stator windings are of high technological content when it comes to the material and production process and are able to suit even the heaviest duty requirements.

Vacuum encapsulating with special resin and the ‘drop by drop’ method guarantee total safety for the electric insulating and mechanical winding locking system, able to prevent damage caused by the actual vibrations produced.

This type of construction also allows the electric vibrators to be powered by variable frequency drives. The rotor is the die-cast aluminium type (squirrel cage) and its particular shape allows the maximum rated and starting torque values to be obtained while limiting the operating temperature. Among other advantages, the low running temperature of the stator and rotor allow the electric vibrator to comply with the increased safety requirements (Eexe).


Casing is made of high-resistance aluminium alloy up to size 35 and high resistance malleable spheroidal cast iron for the larger sizes. The exclusive patented shape improves heat dispersion and lowers the running temperature at full load.

Structural sizing, obtained by evolved stress calculations, ensure the electric vibrator is fixed to the vibrating structures with the utmost safety.

Bearing Flange

Made of special spheroidal cast iron or aluminium, with steel bearing housing. The shape has been researched and designed to transmit the load to the casing in a uniform manner.


A special shape, exclusively designed and made for Italvibras, oversized and able to withstand strong radial and axial loads. The theoretic fatigue life has been calculated according to ISO L10 (B10 life) with the maximum safety factor value for heavy duty uses. In the majority of applications, bearing life is approximately 30% higher than the theoretic life given in the operation manual.

Drive shaft

Oversized, made of treated steel allow (tempering) and able to withstand high stress.

Eccentric Weights

Lamellar and clamped, these are either fixed or adjustable. The fixed weights are keyed to the shaft. The adjustable weights are equipped with a graduated disc and percentage reference scale to obtain a vast range of settings. The clamped weights feature an innovative patented system (patent No M098A000194) called ARS, that prevents adjusting errors.

Weight Covers

Covers are made of aluminium alloy treated with rust-inhibitor. Thanks to special shaping and machining processes, these covers are perfectly dust-tight, water-tight and offer optimum impact resistance in all conditions of use and work environments. The certificates obtained testify to the above i.e. increased safety Eexe, CSA, Class I, Division 2, DIP and those attesting to the explosion-proof properties of the electric vibrators, UL, CSA and Eex d. The weight covers may also be available in stainless steel, on request.

Split Weight Covers

Where space is at a premium and the cover cannot be removed, the electric vibrators can be supplied with one or both of the weight covers in the split version.

Coating Cycle

Stove-cured epoxy-polyester powder based electrostatic surface treatment. This ensures the electric vibrator is weather-proof, even in saline atmospheres (500 hour salt spray test), abrasion-proof, impact-resistant and able to withstand various aggressive chemicals.